Our Program

Ehsan Islamic Preschool

Established Since 1995



Holistic child development program is essential in giving your child a head start in life, optimizing their potentials and in building strong foundation of iman and taqwa to ALLAH. Holistic Development sees the child as a whole person spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and culturally.

With one clear intention of being the Khalifah of ALLAH, we would like to be your partner in nurturing your child and showering them with the love they require.



Our program is an integration of fun, effective and proven methodologies in child development. We are adopting Montessori approach in building good sensory motor skill, independence, self-confidence, ability to concentrate, creativity, problem solving and creative thinking. The method will help them learn and understand Mathematics and Science.


CAHAYAKU – Cahayaku program has been successful in facilitating children to read Bahasa Malaysia at an early age. We are grateful that most of our students are able to read before entering primary school. We also assist school going children to expedite their reading skills. Details on this program is available in cahayaku.com.my website.


ENGLISH – Our English Program focuses on reading, writing and communication.  READ EASY program emphasis on phonics and has been effective in facilitating students to read. We have designed writing programs systematically to ensure students are capable to read and write in English. In addition, simple instruction in English is practiced daily to enhance English communication skills.


WRITING SKILLS  – We have designed systematic approach to prepare the child to write when they have mastered the sensory skill related to writing.


MATHEMATICS & SCIENCE  – We have designed Mathematics and Science syllabuses that comply to Education Ministry requirement using various effective techniques and systematic approaches to ensure the subjects are mastered effectively.


AL-QURAN & HAFAZAN – Memorizing Al Quran verses is practiced daily in Ehsan Islamic Preschool. Many parents are grateful that their children are able to recite surah at an early age. In addition, etiquette is learned through various Islamic deeds and values practiced daily at school.


AQIDAH TAUHID & IBADAH – Tauhid is fundamental in Islamic teaching and therefore our program focuses in building understanding of ALLAH among the children and understanding their relationship with ALLAH and their responsibilities towards the Al Mighty and towards other people around them. While building foundation of Iman, students study and practice the syahadah, prayers and fasting. They are also introduced to Rukun Iman and Rukun Islam.


JAWI & BAHASA ARAB – Our program assist in the introduction of Jawi and Arabic Language to prepare students in mastering both skills in the future.


ARTS AND CREATIVITY – Creative Arts program assist creative thinking skills and build art skill among students. Students will go through various arts activities that are fun and enjoyable.


PUBLIC SPEAKING – Our daily morning circle is an avenue for the children to develop public speaking.


PHYSICAL EDUCATION –  Physical education is to develop students’ physical competence and knowledge of movement and safety, and their ability to use these to perform in a wide range of activities associated with the development of an active and healthy lifestyle.


SPORTS AND FIELD TRIPS – Sport and field trips are organized annually.


PERFORMANCE MONITORING – We have designed systematic achievement chart that assist teachers to monitor students’ performances. Students performances are monitored individually.