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Admission Fees

Fee Structure 2024: Preschool Program (4-6 years old)

*These fees are only applicable to Ehsan Islamic Preschool Melawati, Keramat AU1 and Ampang Jaya.

Registration fees
NoItemsCost (RM)
1Registration Fee100
3Book fees (Workbook & Worksheets)140
5Art & Crafts130
6Uniform (1 set)55
8Performance report files50
9Evaluation (pentaksiran)55
10Teaching aid materials240
Monthly fees
1Preschool program (half day)230
2Preschool program (full day)430
3Iqra' class (optional)55
4Taekwondo class (optional)55
5Children art class (optional)35
Reading books
NoItemsCost (RM)
1English Read Easy (1 set - 8 books)52.90
2Bacalah Anakku (1 set - 8 buku)47.90
Total 106.80
  1. There will be fees incurred for yearly activities such as Field Trip, Sports Day, Photography sessions (class photo and graduation photo) and end of year concert & graduation ceremony. These fees are not included in the registration fees. The fees will be collected one month prior to the implementation of the activities. The annual activities fees for 2023 will be as follows:
    • Field Trip – RM100
    • Sports Day – RM100
    • Photography Session for graduating students (6 year old students) – RM60
    • Photography Session for other students – RM35
    • End of Year Concert & graduation ceremony – RM100
  2. Students opting for Taekwondo Class need to pay registration fee of RM50 and purchase Taekwondo uniform which cost RM80.
  3. Children Art Class is designed to develop children’s talent in drawing and art. There will be no registration fee but students must have art equipment. Art equipment can be purchased from art educator and the list will be given later to all students participating in the class.
  4. Monthly fee is due at the beginning of each month. For example February fee is due on or before 5th February.